Vaccination Guarantee

Launched in January 2011, Pfizer’s Immunization Support Guarantee is part of the company’s initiatives to help ensure that horses receive the best possible health care and benefit from disease prevention. Further, the guarantee program demonstrates to Canada’s equine community that Pfizer stands behind its products.


The program provides support for reasonable and necessary diagnostic and treatment costs if a horse – properly vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian with Pfizer vaccine – contracts any of the five following equine diseases: West Nile, Influenza, Tetanus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis or Western Equine Encephalitis within one year of vaccination. The Pfizer Technical Services team will work with the veterinarian to fully investigate and document the event.

Pfizer hopes to raise awareness of the benefits of following vaccination protocols and the role vaccination plays in improving the overall health of horses.

This program is offered in partnership with veterinarians across Canada. Please speak to your veterinarian about if you are interested in learning more, or check out their website.


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