Why I Love the Country

There are many reasons why I love living in the country. The cherry blossoms in my back yard. The sound of birds chirping through the nursery room windows. The smell of horses munching on pungent hay around 5:00 pm. The quiet that is so deafening in the early evening you can actually hear the flap of a butterfly\’s wings…

Of course, there are a few cons that come with living in the country too. Like, the acres, and acres, and acres of grass to mow in the summer. And when the power goes out, it\’s a big job to get the generator attached to the house and get everything (of absolute necessity) going again. And for some reason, my car always seems to be dirty from traveling down the dirt road.

But hey, if living were in the country were for everyone – it\’d be crowded out here! And I wouldn\’t trade a moment in the country for anything.

Aside from that, here\’s another reason why I love living in the country:


Every day I look out over our front stud colt pasture.

\"\"And every once in a while, they tell me something\’s up…

\"\"On this particular day, the stud colts were having a conniption about something coming down the road.

\"\"Turns out, the neighbors were moving cattle from one pasture to the other.


As the sea of chestnut red mamas and calves made their way past our front gates, our geldings and stud colts thought it the perfect reason to act like a bunch of goofs….


..while the neighbors and cows happily and quietly made their way down the road. It\’s a wonderful sight to see and one my city family and friends take the time to stop and stare at when it\’s happening, should they happen to be at our house in the moment.



I love my home. Happy Tuesday!


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