11 Weeks \’til Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

Last week, I introduced my twelve-week countdown to Christmas. You may have noticed I\’m running a bit behind. Obviously, we have some difficulty observing a strict calendar of timelines in this neck of the woods. Bear with me.

What I\’m definitely not short of is great gift ideas, and today\’s is a champion!

Over the past week, my Inbox has been receiving a series of training videos complements of Horseback Riding Lessons.

The first is one of the clearest videos I\’ve ever watched describing the gaits of the horse. Excellent. Concise. Enhanced with slow-motion videography, it\’s completely to the point. Watching it, I knew this video would make a great addition to our equine 4-H club, where learning the gaits is a Record Book must.

As trainer and creator of the video, Cody McArthur explains, a clear understanding of the natural gaits of the horse is a conduit to moving forward with any kind of sport training. It\’s foundation. And an essential tool of knowledge. Watch this video and I promise, you\’ll tuck it away in your toolbelt, as a learned skill.

Two days later I received the second of six videos, this one, focusing on the sidepass. Whether you\’re opening a gate, or exhibiting in a show class, the sidepass is one of the most valuable maneuvers you can teach your horse.

I really appreciated Cody\’s practical advice for teaching a horse this movement. I got it, and I can assure you, if I can get it, it will be easy for you.

Then, this morning, the third video arrived, this one revolving on colt starting, a skill Cody happens to be well respected for.

Again, I loved the simplicity and practical terms of this coaching. Anyone can learn to master these techniques. Cody spends a lot of time in this video re-enforcing ground manners and stressing the importance of that foundation building. From that understanding all else flows.

You can check out Cody McArthur\’s valuable teaching, and sign up to receive six great free videos at the site Horseback Riding Lessons.


Cody draws from a wide range of talent to augment his own training videos. An online subscription to the training library gives you access to direct training with such champion-producing names as Jay Duke, Dustin Gonnet and John Swales, and more in the works.

In my book, access to this type of horse training instruction, with this presentation, is $10.95 a month very well spent. I am onto it!

P.S. By the way, every online subscription to Horseback Riding Lessons also gives you a free one-year subscription to Western Horse Review.

Now that would be akin to . . . two gifts checked off the Christmas list! Just sayin\’. . .


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