A Horse Trainer, In Maui

Alright, I\’m back to My Stable Life! Clay and I flew home this week, returning from our quick vacation in Maui, HI.


Our return to Regina was accompanied with a quick dose of reality. The flip flops would no longer do. In 3 plane changes and 14 hours, we had traded palm trees and ocean breezes in for winter blankets and snow drifts. It always has to snow in Canada around Halloween, doesn\’t it? It\’s like there\’s an unwritten weather law in our country.


Believe me, I could have handled the +30 degree Celsius temperatures, the flower leis and sandy beaches for another few days.


But I was more than happy to get the 5 days we had planned on. As I mentioned in my last post – Clay is not a big vacation guy. While sitting on a beach, he finds time to worry about all the horses back home, the hay supply, the trailer lights… yes, the trailer electrical systems… and a plethora of other things I would never have thought about. But he really impressed me on this trip. After allowing him one day to de-pressurize and get the worries out of his system (and with a kindly threat to throw his cell phone over our resort balcony), here was my transformed husband:


I find his T-shirt kind of ironic.


We got the opportunity to check out a few beaches. And we took time to visit the Maui Ocean Center, where we were able to view Tiger sharks, baby turtles and an array of beautifully colored fish in various tanks.


One of my favorite displays were the seahorses. I learned that there are over 50 species of seahorses in the world and all have coronets on their heads, each of which is distinct to the individual (like a human fingerprint.)


We also had the chance to take in a real Hawaiian luau, which features music, hula dancing and a huge feast of food representing traditional Hawaiian culture. It was a wonderful, exhilarating experience.



Oh, and I should mention – I also experienced my first earth quake during this trip. That was interesting… Sitting in a mountain top Maui house, all of a sudden I could feel the whole entire building shake. It was over just as quickly as it started and luckily, no one was hurt (we read in the newspaper the next day that it only measured to a 5 on the Richter Scale). Nonetheless, I\’ll be happy if I never experience any more earthquakes in my lifetime.


Anyways we are back in Canada now, just in time to pack up the trailer and get ready to leave again. <smile> Oh, the life of a horse trainer… This week, Clay is preparing for the AQHA World Show in Oklahoma City, OK, where he has two horses qualified to contend. We are super excited and I will do my best to keep you posted on his trip and progress. At this point I am not sure I will be accompanying Clay on this journey.

You see, as it turns out, I am pregnant. With twins. <big smile> We still have a long way to go (I have only recently reached the 13-week mark) so Clay and I remain cautiously optimistic, but we are very excited regardless.

Happy Wednesday everybody!


6 thoughts on “A Horse Trainer, In Maui”

  1. Jenn, I am so excited for you. Twins are amazing. (When my identical twin brothers were born I became the eldest of six kids, and I was 7 years old! You’re smart to have yours first!)

    Now you get to apply all you’ve learned in raising your four-legged babies.

    All the best to both of you.

  2. Congratulations! How Exciting for you both! Wonderful report on Hawaii as well. Especially intrigued in the Seahorse trivia. Interesting!
    Thank You

  3. Rob and Doloris

    I know we’re supposed to comment on your trip to Hawaii, but larger truths prevail. ‘Webster’s’ Dictionary defines twin as: “Consisting of or being two separate but similar or closely related things….” We’ve always thought of you and Clay that way, but now we’ll have to refine and expand our definition. Good on you! The grandparents will be very happy, just as we are.

  4. Cheryl Fotheringham

    Wow, I am so excited for both of you. Don’t know what else to say, but CONGRATULATIONS.

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