A Neighbour Gatherin\’



Last Friday evening, Clay and I hosted a \”Thankful For Wonderful Neighbours\” dinner! Which was, of course, to thank the many wonderful people who surround us for their support and friendship, ever since we moved into the community last Fall. We\’ve had to call in favor, after favor from these people and they always help us willingly. Time and again. So it was time to really let them know how much we appreciate them!

\"\"Little old fashioned Coke bottles adorned with these tags and yellow sunflower-esque decorations, made for our table embellishments.

\"\"A Baileys ice cream with coffee ice cubes drink served as an opening beverage. And turns out – this drink was as much a hit with the men as it was with the ladies!

\"\"Steaks, corn on the cob, avocado salad, garlic bread sticks and strawberry pecan cake in a Mason jar was supper and dessert.

\"\"And what is a party, without mustaches…??? Or big kissable lips…?


And then, the toupee came out too…. Not sure how it happened. But it did. Which is totally fine because it makes for some good laughs. And we just can\’t seem to have a party around here without the hairpiece making an appearance… I think we\’ll have a name for it by the next gatherin\’!


I\’ll be posting some recipes from this fabulous get together in future blogs, so stay tuned! And in the meantime, here\’s a free jpeg for you to print – in case anyone would like! Simply copy it onto a blank document, paste 6 or 8 to a page and print in color. Cheers!



3 thoughts on “A Neighbour Gatherin\’”

  1. Grandma Debbie

    Cool idea! Very creative and looks like everyone had fun. Will watch for your recipes too.

  2. Laurie Kambeitz

    Some great ideas here for a get together..Will watch for your recipes. Mom, wife, horsewoman, writer and great entertainer..Your are someone to definitely be admired!

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