Wild Pink Yonder Countdown


Giddy up for the fourth annual Wild Pink Yonder ride in support of breast cancer research. The official 60 day countdown was announced on June 12th. In August, riders will head out of the Cypress Hills of southern Alberta, with horses and wagons in tow. The annual trek takes participants 23 days, 345 miles and to 24 stops across Alberta.

“On Friday, August 10th we kick things off with a ‘Fandango’ at the Medicine Hat Rodeo Grounds,\” says “Trail Boss” Jane Hurl.  “A little bit o’ music, a little bit o’ food and a little bit o’ … beverage.”

The ride will commence Saturday, August 11th, at Elkwater, Alberta. From there, riders will venture to the Cypress Hills with Alberta Conservation Officer O’Brien Tarnasky.

Throughout the past three years the organization has successfully raised over $300,000 for the Alberta Cancer Foundation. According to their tabulations, in 2009, The Wild Pink Yonder Society proudly donated $55,650 and in 2010 they presented a cheque for $75,112.  Last year the the group more than doubled the donations of the previous two years, handing over a donation for $177,000.

“This year? Two hundred thousand dollars or bust!” beams “Trail Boss” Jane Hurl.
“We’ve always said that we’re going to ride breast cancer into the ground,” says Hurl.  “Our riders have taken that motto to heart.  They only have to raise $200 for each day that they ride; most of them raise more.”

For details, to register to ride or to donate, visit www.WildPinkYonder.com.


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