Battle of the Breeds Day Three


Another fine, sunny day at Spruce Meadows as we wrapped-up the 2012 Telus Battle of the Breeds this morning with the trail challenge. A huge crowd was onhand to cheer on their favorite teams, and when all the clapping was done, It was team Shetland with the win. What a sight they are to watch! Our 3 teams held their own though, even after Lynn Johnson started the event with a blistering score that really  set the pace for everyone else to follow.

Here are some of the highlights.

Lynn Johnson and Cash Sirtificate jump off the wall for a 50 pointer.


Sherry Gresko and Shady Drifter negotiate the a combination of rails and cones.


Adrian Neufeld and M.A.S First Diamond come off the teeter/totter at full speed.


Suzanne Spierenburg and Willow View Laser Sheena playing a little over-sized soccer with the Telus ball.


Lindsay Macdiarmid and Valenfire’s Attractive Image cruise through a water obstacle.


Karen Anderson and L’Angelus Rubi Rosy make short work of the teeter/totter.

\"Battle \"Battle

When the numbers were all tallied, it was Team Appaloosa coming out on top for their 7th Battle of the Breeds win. Congratulations to Lynn Johnson, Sherry Gresko, Kaylee McLachlin and Laura-Gene Schiebelbein ( with Ernie, Drifter, Amigo and Texcel)on a well-deserved win!

Team Saddlebred took 6th place and the mighty Canadians came in with a solid 9th.

I’m not sure who’s happier, the girls for winning, or me for being in the International ring to catch it all.

\"Battle The horses – Drifter, Ernie, Texcel and Amigo.
\"\" A very special thank you to Farmway Machinery from High River, Alberta, for supplying the Kubotas for the battle, not only to team Appaloosa, but to “Team R-Bac” for our photography wagon.

A fine looking group of ladies and their horses! Thanks to you, as well as teams Canadian and Saddlebred for giving me the chance to hang out and photograph you at such a great event. Looking forward to next year!


3 thoughts on “Battle of the Breeds Day Three”

  1. Lynn Johnson

    It has been fun and rewarding to have you Rob. Taking lasting memories of our teams. Also thanks to the Western Horse Review for allowing Rob to Blog. Team Appaloosa will be back next year as strong as this year to Battle once more!!!!

  2. What a great first year on the team! Couldn’t have made it any better! Can’t wait to come back and fight for our title! 🙂

  3. Congratulations to Team Appaloosa – your consistency is truly something to aspire to. Rob has taken some amazing shots of Battle, showing the colour and competitive spirit that surrounds the whole Masters experience – but my favourite, by far, is the very cool photo of the four winning Appaloosas as seen from down under. Talk about taking it on the chin! Good one.

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