Battle of the Breeds Day Two


Another beautiful morning at Spruce Meadows, and not a cloud in the sky as day two of the 2012 Telus Battle of the Breeds kicked-off with Precision Driving.

A Jeopardy-style approach to this year’s event made a very exciting round for both competitors and spectators. Competitors could approach the obstacles in any order they chose, allowing them to best exploit the strengths of both their Breed of horses, as well as the wagons they were using. It certainly had the photographers hopping, as we never knew what order or from what direction they would approach each obstacle.

Here, Sherry Gresko and Shady Drifter concentrate on keeping their right wheel inside the circles.


While we were walking the course, I asked Adrian Neufeld  if he had a certain obstacle he’d like me to concentrate on for the “money shot”. He told me “just make sure you’ve got a fast shutter, cause once I’ve got these first few high-point ones out of the way, I’m going to open it up, and he sure did. Here, he and Valenfire’s Attractive Image stretch out heading for the Devil’s Dike.


Julie Hickie and Delavoye Heros Phenom make short work of this close-quarter turning obstacle and really showcase the versatility of the Canadian Horse.


Lynn Johnson, 6-time Battle  of the Breeds Champion puts Cash Sertificate to work  getting lined-up to go over the bridge.

\"Battle \"Battle

Kathleen Winfield puts her big Black Canadian Blain Prince Fabio into high gear coming out of a tight, right-hand turn.


After all the numbers were totaled, it was team Shetland walking away with the win for the driving, but the day was far from over.

This afternoon we were in the sand ring for the barrel racing challenger, and what a crowd that drew! Nice to see so many fans on such a great, sunny afternoon!

Kaylee Mclachlin and Amigo TRT round barrel 3 heading for home.


Lindsay Macdiarmid on Valenfire’s Attractive Image coming around barrel one.


Laura-Gene Schiebelbein, with her signature “lost-my-hat hair” and Texcel take barrel one.


Adrian Neufeld and M.A.S First Diamond,  catching a little air as they finish up on the first barrel.


Karen Anderson and L’Angelus Rubi Rosy at barrel 3, heading home.


Julie Hickie and Delavoye Heros Phenom stretch it out on the way to number three.


When the judges were finished with today’s results, we had team Appaloosa not only winning the Barrels challenge, but moving into the lead in the overall standings with 43 points.

Good luck everyone!


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  1. Versatile horses! Used to be that’s what they all were about, and hopefully getting back there again.

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