I\’m sure I\’ve told you before – I can\’t cook. But my friend, Perla certainly can…!


Today I thought I would share one of Perla\’s famous dishes with you – Flautas. Around here, people coming running when Perla sets these babies out at the JDF Saloon.

Here\’s the recipe:


Just kidding.


In English the ingredients are:

• 18 Tortillas, long and thin

• 1 Chicken breast

• 1/2 Cup of milk

• 1/2 Cup of cream

• 1 Cup of a Ricotta-type cheese

• Oil for frying



1. Cook the chicken breast in boiling water with a small amount of salt in it. Once the chicken is cooked, shred it.

2. Put the shredded chicken in a line down each one of your tortillas and shape/roll them into flautas – also known as \”flutes\”.


3. Fry the rolled flautas in oil until they brown.


4. Whisk the cream with the milk and bathe the browned flautas with the resulting sauce, then sprinkle with cheese. Or for a lesser calorie version – skip the cream sauce and cheese altogether.


5. Add shredded lettuce, onions and tomatoes on top of flautas, or salsa.


6. We like guacamole with ours – which probably adds all those calories back on!


And enjoy! (We also like ours with Coronas and lime…)



2 thoughts on “Flautas”

  1. Okay, a girl after my own heart! It’s the eating I like! It doesn’t matter if you can’t cook, Jenn, It’s the fact you can still bring this to the reader that’s important!

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