Road Trips CDs #4

Here\’s my last set of Road Trip CDs. The final five. Hope you\’ve enjoyed the trip and please check back to see week one, two and three\’s selections at Road Trip CDs.



Tom Petty – The Highway Companion

With the line, “a coyote raaaaan across the road,” . . . how could this not make the Road CDs list? Seriously, Tom Petty is a serious road tunes listen, and that pretty much includes any one of his compilations, however, this one is my favorite at the moment.



Frida Soundtrack

From the excellent movie, featuring Salma Hayek, it\’s Lila Down\’s music I\’m drawn to most in this musical compilation, though I don\’t think there is a single musical gem within which I haven\’t heard a thousand times or more. Any road trip will benefit from the inclusion of this landscape of the the mysterious and tumultuous Mexico of the mid-20th century. Pay attention to Chavela Vargas\’s Paloma Negra, recorded 40 years earlier. Vargas, once a lover of the free-spirited Frida Kahlo gives an unforgettable performance and she is featured in the movie as well.



Lucinda Williams – Little Honey

No music list of mine could be complete without a mention of the Goddess Lucinda. Williams is the real deal, drawing powerful breaths of authenticity. Little Honey is a wonderful rocky, bluesy sound, unmistakably Williams, who at 57, appears to have a lot of peak left in her. That’s an inspiration for a 40-something girl.



Corb Lund – Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier

At Western Horse Review, we love Corb Lund almost as much as . . . well, almost as much as Ian Tyson. I’m really, really sorry about this Corb. But consider, it’s not a bad deal being named in the same sentence as Ian. I especially love Especially A Paint, a beautiful ballad that draws a parallel between a lost desire and the Old West.

. . . which brings us to . .  .



Ian Tyson – Yellowhead to Yellowstone and Other Love Stories

It’s that gravelly voice that brings us to Ian’s latest, a beautiful compilation of songs and ballads suited for any drive, anywhere, any day.

And that finishes off the Road Tunes CDs set of four.

Now it’s your turn. What do you listen to down the road? Comment below with your fave Road CDs, and we\’ll enter you to win one of three Ian Tyson, Yellowhead to Yellowstone and Other Love Stories CD’s we have to give away.

Contest closes June 30.

Leaving you with Lucinda William\’s latest Letterman appearance performing Real Love. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Road Trips CDs #4”

  1. Dianne McCulloch

    Thanks for the road tunes, Ingrid. I’m going to go and do some shopping, I didn’t know that Ian had another CD out, he’s always a favourite! Loved the Lucinda Williams clip.

  2. beth veldhuis

    thumbs up to anything Ian !! Corb oh ya and Now one of my fav’s is Easton Corbin !!
    didn’t know Ian had a new one would love to have it !1

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