From Foal Watch to Freezer Bag Cookin\’


I have to say – what a wonderful winter it has been so far!! It\’s been so lovely here at Twin Corazones Ranch this last little while that even despite the mud the pasture horses are finding, these temperatures couldn\’t be nicer for March in Canada.

We\’ve been keeping busy and hubby is gearing up for a busy show season, which will be on us in no time – I\’m sure. The yearlings have all been started, the spring vaccinations will be done soon and we have already started baby watch for our first foal of the season! My matriarch mare \”Chicolet\” has started waxing and therefore, we\’ve got her in the barn by our house, in a stall on a bed of straw. Clay and I have been taking turns through the nights – alternating checks on baby twins and, broodmares 🙂 I\’ll keep you posted!


Here Clay is with the 3-year-old filly \”Serena,\” he is preparing for the Oklahoma Futurity later this year in November. We are super excited for this 2012 show goal and love watching the progression of Serena as the weeks go on. That\’s something I\’ll keep you posted on as well.

These days, I\’ve been keeping busy preparing our books for tax season and prepping meals for the days when time is limited. One of my new favorite pastimes is \”Freezer Bag Cookin\’\” because with two babies (about to become yearlings, I might add!) – my time is always limited. Therefore, if the recipe says \”crock pot\” I\’m all in!!

Here\’s a quick little recipe I picked up from \”Pinterest\” (more on that later too…), I thought I\’d share with y\’all:

Honey Garlic or Teriyaki Chicken


Ingredients: (Makes 2 Large Bags)

Onion – cut into Large Chunks

2 large cans pineapple (undrained)

1/2 bag of peeled baby carrots

4 Garlic Cloves

4 Chicken Breasts

2 Bell Peppers

2 cups Honey Garlic or Teriyaki sauce

Chop up your peppers and onions into large chunks. Mince the garlic. Split everything equally into two gallon freezer bags. Shake it up, seal, label and put in the freezer. Instructions for Bag: Put in crock pot and serve over hot rice. (Of course this also implies: Cook on low 8 hours or high 4 hours.)


Freezer bag cooking is absolutely brilliant and allows me to get a lot done in short nap spurts. Or often in my case, one of the babes wakes up and I have a little helper:

\"\"Happy Monday everybody!

– JW


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