Across Canada for Mustangs


The Canadian Long Ride for the Mustang, is taking Kimball Foord and his horse Bo Bo, 4,500 kilometers across Canada to bring awareness to North America’s mustangs. On March 18th his journey will start from the Can-Am Equine Emporium in London, Ont. and continue across the country to BC\’s west coast.

By doing this ride, Foord hopes to raise public interest for protecting wild horses. He states that these horses are not ferrel animals, but instead are dependents of the historic bloodlines of iberian horses. These animals have been present in North America since Spanish explorers settled the continent. In his quest, he hopes to educate people on the importance of protecting these genetics.

Typically the mustang has been viewed as a domestic animal that either escaped captivity or was turned loose into the wild. This has been an area of controversy and Foord hopes his efforts will educate people about the importance of preserving these vulnerable animals.


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