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While I did manage an equine twist to Wee\’s costume this morning, employing gauze from our horse first aid kit to fashion her into a miniature Invisible Man, it doesn\’t hold a candle to this equine-inspired piece.

Fashion designer and leather crafter Mary Wing To  recently took the top award at a Wearable Art Awards show in England, with this costume which she named Hylonome.

\"\"According to horsetalk.co.nz:

“The 28-year-old combined her passion for horses, love of leather, and the skills acquired through her masters degree from the London College of Fashion and her ongoing training as a saddler to create the masterpiece.

“Hylonome was described by World of WearableArt founder and co-judge Suzie Moncrieff as a phenomenal representation of the beautiful mythological female centaur.

“The costume\’s crowning glory, a horse\’s head, was hand-moulded in leather. It took 15 hours of non-stop manipulation to get it looking right.

“The costume, which is laced together, is embossed in great detail and has a horse-hair tail.”

Amazing piece.

In the spirit of Halloween, on Thursday I asked you to let us know what your Halloween plans were for the weekend.

Today, it\’s time to give away the beautiful On The Trail day planner to a random number chosen from the respondents. Using our highly sophisticated random number generator (picture farm cap with scraps of paper, and a small child to pick one out), we landed on comment number 1! The winner Cait who responded:

“My Halloween plans were to dress up Jersey Shore style and party it up just like I was in Seaside however my tonsilitis has caused my plans to change slightly. So I am spending it at home watching Halloween themed zombie and killer movies. And then taking my horse to my trainer to spend the winter there.”

Cait, I hope the tonsils are settling down and you can enjoy some Halloween goodies with your scary movies.

Thanks so much to every respondent for sharing your Halloween plans, great stories. Here at the log house we\’re planning a horror movie evening, accompanied by leftover eyeball and brain muffins we baked up for a small party Wee hosted for her friends on the weekend.

Happy Halloween!


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