Never Give Up


We love inspirational things: videos, music, words, you name it. We think it\’s healthy to reflect on your hard work and remind yourself from time to time, what it is you are reaching for.

I thought I would prepare a short clip to demonstrate a typical day at J. Drummond Farms and Clay Webster Performance Horses.

As Winston Churchill once said, \”Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.\”

As Lil Wayne says, \”Be good. Or be good at it.\” 🙂

Hope you enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Never Give Up”

  1. Awesome you need a fork lift for those bags of feed. Reminds me of all the bags of seed we have to unload.

  2. Patti James

    first time I have had a chance to check out your “My Stable Life” – love it! Really enjoyed your video. Tell Clay I loved the 7 spins (2 1/2 are soooo boring).

  3. Mary Deiter

    Great video! Love the part that starts on the brand and the camera ends on the foal suckling! Great stuff! As always, enjoy your spin on things!

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